Admission for spectators is $5 per day online or $7 per day at the door. However, they are welcome to upgrade to Open Play/B.Y.O.C. at any time.


Open play and casual play events are available to BYOC/OPEN PLAY attendees with a 3 day pass. No structured tournament, no pressure. Jump in and out as you wish.  All featured tournaments will be open play at some point in the day. A full schedule to be announced.


Bring your own console event. No PCs allowed in this area. A table, chair, internet and power will be provided. You will need to provide your own gaming console, controllers, monitors and power cord. If a tournament is not being held in the Featured games, you can have a side tournament in this area! Prizes for winning these tournaments will be provided! We are not responsible for any damage or theft to your property.


F2 Con 2019 has 12 featured tournaments and a $10,000** pot bonus broken down below. Payout schedule will be posted soon! Click on the games you plan to compete in to see rules, bans, and format. There is a $5 buy-in for each game you want to compete in.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1v1 – $1,000

Super Smash Bros Ultimate 2v2 – $1,000

Dragon Ball FighterZ – $500

Tekken 7 – $500

Madden NFL 19  – $500

Street Fighter V AE – $500

Soul Calibur VI – $500

Call of Duty Black Ops 4 5v5 – $1,000

League of Legends (PC) – $1,000

Fortnite(PC)- $1,000

Player Unkown’s Battleground (PC) $500

Apex Legends (PC) $1,000

Rocket League 3v3 (PC) $1,000

B.Y.O.C area – Prizes available