The casual play area is open to all spectators! This area will be filled with retro consoles, awesome  vendors, and even a Red Bull Lounge where you can test out Street Fighter V, Guilty Gear, and Tekken on PS4! Take pictures with cosplay characters, grab a snack while you watch the main stage competition, and if you feel so inclined, upgrade to a 2 day pass to get into more of the action!


Open play and casual play events are available to all attendees with a 2 day pass. No structured tournament, no pressure. Jump in and out as you wish.  The tiles below will always be open play. All featured tournaments will be open play at some point in the day. A full schedule will be released soon!

Fortnite | Minecraft | Mario Kart 8



F2 Con will also feature amateur tournament brackets for select games! Amateur Tournaments are a great way for casual players to experience the fun of competition and thrill of being in a tournament setting. Entry into amateur brackets will be open to all competitors who did not register in the featured tournament game of the same title. Registration will be handled on site and all amateurs are encouraged to play!

Rocket League – $1,000 Pot Bonus*
Super Smash Bros Wii U
Dragon Ball FighterZ
Madden NFL 18
NBA 2K 18
Street Fighter V AE 

* This is an awesome opportunity for amateur players to win some cash! The best part is, there is no buy-in! Form teams with or against your family and friends! Don’t have anyone to play with, no problem! Teams will be formed on-site.



F2 Con 2018 has 8 featured tournaments and a $10,000** pot bonus broken down below. Payout schedule will be posted soon! Click on the games you plan to compete in to see rules, bans, and format. There is a $5 buy-in for each game you want to compete it. If you register for a feature title you can not play in the amateur title of the same game.

Super Smash Bros Wii U – $2,000 Pot Bonus
Dragon Ball FighterZ – $2,000 Pot Bonus
Tekken 7 – $1,000 Pot Bonus
Madden NFL 18  – $1,000 Pot Bonus
Street Fighter V AE – $1,000 Pot Bonus
Guilty Gear Xrd REV2 – $500 Pot Bonus
Call of Duty WWII – $1000 Pot Bonus
NBA2K 18 – $500 Pot Bonus

**Rocket League is an amateur series competition with a $1000 pot bonus!