F2CON – Commentary Application Form

Application form to be a commentator at F2CON in Clarksville, Tennessee. Please fill out the following information so our team can evaluate if you are a fit for our broadcasts. Not all commentators will be accepted. Acceptance messages will begin to go out in (TBD). Please do not plan your attendance exclusively for potential commentary opportunities.
If you are planning to compete at F2CON, please register before you fill out this form.

  • Personal Information

  • Game Preference

    Select all that apply. Please note: you cannot commentate games you want to compete in.
  • Commentary Experience

  • If you do not have a reel, please provide links with timestamps to video clips of your best commentary. Please make it clear what event each clip is from and which person you are in the clip.
  • Availability

  • F2CON broadcast hours are to be determined. You do not need to write an answer if you are available the entire weekend.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.