League of Legends

General Rules and Etiquette

Game Version

The game version will always be the most up-to-date version that is from the League of Legends client.  Make sure your client is up to date prior to any tournament you’re planning to participate in.


Rosters, Ringing, and Account Sharing

A team must have at least 5 players on the roster.  Players can sub-in/out between matches, as long as they are on the roster.  If a player isn’t on the roster, they are considered ineligible.  If you have any questions or concerns about rosters, contact your admin.

Any player who plays in a match that isn’t on the roster will deem that match forfeit, regardless of the result.  Additionally, any player who is found account sharing with someone else during a tournament match will also deem that match forfeit.  Anyone who is found account sharing will be subject to punishment.


Match Attendance

If your opponent isn’t ready to play in 10 minutes after you’re scheduled to play them, contact your admin.  Your admin will investigate, and will then hand out a forfeit to your opponent, if necessary.


Pre-match and Hosting

When you find out who your opponent is, you may add each other on the League of Legends client, and then mutually decide who will host the match.  There is no benefit to hosting.

To host a match against your opponent, press the Play button, select Create Custom.  From here, follow the posted rules under Match Settings to set your game with the appropriate rules and settings.


Side Selection


If teams can’t come to an agreement on who will start on red or blue side, your admin will decide via coin toss.



Mid-match pausing is not allowed unless a player has dropped from the game.  Typing /pause will pause the game.  Each team can pause for a total of 10 minutes, or longer if your admin agrees to it.  During a pause, you should notify your admin that a pause occurred.  Keep your admin up to date as needed.  Typing /resume will resume the game after five seconds.

Pausing for tactical reasons is not allowed under any circumstance.


Exploits, Cheating etc.

Any kind of exploit abuse and/or cheating is strictly prohibited.



The only way a team can win a match is if the opposing team surrenders from the in-game team voting feature, or if the enemy nexus is destroyed.  Both scenarios will immediately end the game on its own.  Saying “gg” or anything similar does not officially declare the act of surrender.


Post-match and Reporting

After a match has concluded, report the match on the match page and/or to your admin within 10 minutes.  Failure to report a match within 10 minutes may result in consequences at your admin’s discretion.  If you have any difficulty with this or if something was incorrectly reported, contact your admin immediately to resolve any issues.

Match Protest

If you have an issue with your match before it has started, report the issue to your admin immediately.  Do not start the match until the issue has been resolved and/or your admin has given you the go-ahead to start the match.

If you have an issue with your match after it has started, report the issue to your admin immediately after the match has concluded.  Do not pause the game or do anything to stop the match while it is happening, unless given strict instructions from your admin to do otherwise.  Although it’s not required or necessary, it can help to take screenshots to show your admin.


Tournament Structure and Settings

Match Settings

  • Game Type: Tournament Draft
  • Team Size: 5
  • Allow Spectators: None (unless a tournament admin wants to observe)
  • Maps:Summoner’s Rift
  • Match format per round: One match (best of one)
    • Grand finals will be best of three, with each team playing on both red and blue sides for the first two games. If a third game is necessary, the team who won their game the quicker of the two games will decide what side they wish to play on.

Match rules

Disabled Champions, Runes, and/or Items via Riot

Occasionally, game-breaking or disruptive issues with certain champions, runes, and/or items are discovered after a patch.  Riot will announce the issue in the League of Legends client next to the Play button, usually stating that the champion, runes, and/or items are disabled.  Your tournament matches should follow this ruling while the notice is active.  For example, no one is allowed to pick a certain champion if Riot claims there are serious issues with it, even if they are selectable.

It’s possible that Riot may disable ranked queue instead of totally disabling the champion, runes, and/or items from being selectable.  Still, you should not select them, even if they are available.

Once Riot has applied the fix and the notice is gone, you’re allowed to select whatever was previously disabled or not allowed.


If an issue occurs before one minute elapses in-game (just before minions spawn), both teams can agree to restart the game.  When re-hosting, both teams must follow the exact same picks, bans, runes, and summoner spells.  If there seems to be an honest mistake about a player not choosing the correct runes and/or summoner spells, this is completely at the opponent’s discretion AND the admin’s discretion to allow a re-host to fix this.

A screenshot should be taken of the scoreboard in-game, to ensure that there’s proof of everyone using the same summoner spells and champions.


Spectators are not allowed.  Tournament admins can be the exception to this.

For admins and anyone else handling rulesets

Anything that mentions a number of minutes (ie: “If your opponent isn’t ready to play in 10 minutes”) can be adjusted however necessary.  This was simply a placeholder.  10 or 15 minutes should be plenty for most tournaments to ensure delays are kept to a minimum.

League of Legends matches can be as quick as about 20 minutes, but can last about an hour in very rare cases.  An average game lasts somewhere between 25 to 35 minutes.  It’s hard for me to tell you if the tournament should be best-of-1 or best-of-3, because it purely depends on how many teams you have and if you plan on doing double elimination or not.

Keep in mind that double elimination makes your tournaments last MUCH longer than single elimination.  As a general rule of thumb, doing bo3 or double elimination are fine, but doing both will make your tournament last exponentially longer than any other scenario.  I’d only do both if your tournament had 4 teams or less.