League of Legends

  • Map: Summoners Rift
  • Team Size: 1
  • Name: “Participant A” vs. “Participant B”
  • Password: an arbitrary password must be shared between both players
  • Game Type: Blind Pick
  • Allow Spectators: Lobby Only
  • Side Choice: the player who is first posted on the match page plays on the blue side in the first match, while the player posted second plays on the red side. After the first game, the players change sides.
  • Bans: each player must write their three bans in the lobby in the following order; the bans are written in the chat before the match:
    • blue team – 1st ban
    • red team – 2nd and 3rd ban
    • blue team – 4th and 5th ban
    • red team – 6th ban

Win Condition: 

  • the player who scores First Blood
  • the player who kills 100 minions first
  • the player who first destroys the turret in middle lane

However, it is not allowed to kill minions found in the jungle or in lanes other than midlane. If a player disconnects during champion selection, the lobby has to be recreated; also, abusing a but is strictly forbidden as well as any use of a potential tool that can manipulate the game. Within 90 minutes of the start of the match, players must report the same report score as proof of the match results. Every participant should take screenshots of their win. If they fail to do so, the administration may close the match without a winner.